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My First Post

So far, it’s been an interesting and fun ride doing this “VO” thing. I’ve been privileged to meet a BUNCH of WONDERFUL people. People who did NOT have to do a dadgum thing for me, yet they did, is very humbling.

If ever there was a career where the entire lot of colleagues “paid it forward,” this is the career. I wouldn’t be incorrect to say it was in the single-digit percentage level of people who are in VO “just for the money” that would say, “pay me to talk to you.”

The first time I recorded anything was many years ago. It’s a blast to listen back to that younger and VERY naïve voice. Since then, I’ve recorded voicemail messages for individuals and companies, background narration for a very brief infomercial. I’ve done on-camera work and radio, sang on the radio and in front of thousands, presided and addressed thousands of people in speeches, debates, and even ran for public office. Maybe its odd that I still get all tickled pink when I meet someone “famous” but, I’m not going to change because I love that thrill…especially if that person is super nice.

Currently, I’m predominantly recording audio books. However, I’m stretching into faster output jobs such as commercials, corporate narrations, industrials, eLearning, IVRs/Voicemail messages, real estate narration, on-hold messages, and animation character voices.

It has been so much fun to do accents and characters in each of the audio books. My hope is that you thoroughly enjoy listening as much as I’ve enjoyed recording! Also, if you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please click on the heart up at the beginning, under the title of the blog.

Until next time,

Jaicie ?

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